This Is My Stem Cell Journey
My name is Holly and I was diagnosed with
Multiple Sclerosis the week of Thanksgiving 2004.

Since my diagnosis 8 years ago, I have experienced a little bit
of everything that sometimes comes with having an autoimmune disease.
I have given myself daily injections, sometimes 2 injections a day.  I have been stranded in a mall parking lot because I could not feel my feet well enough to drive my sports car home.  A doctor once told me that I needed to learn to live my life with a disability and that I would be in a wheelchair within 4 years of my diagnosis.  I have fallen on the floor in the middle of the night and could not get my legs moving well enough to make it to the bathroom.  I have become friends with the nurses and staff at my local hospital because sometimes I spent more time in the infusion room than I did in my living room.  I have gone through my life's savings trying to fight my disease and stay healthy.  I have been poked and prodded, sometimes because the lab needed more blood, and sometimes because I voluntarily asked my acupuncturist to help me.  I have learned more during the last 8 years than I did in college while earning 2 Bachelor Degrees and an MBA.
My journey hasn't been all bad.  I have learned to overcome challenges and have joyfully embraced moments of success.  I have become a self advocate for my own well being.  I have had many moments of weakness, but was fortunate to find strength in the depths of despair to be proactive.

I ventured beyond US boarders and had a treatment that is not yet approved here.  My MS progression just doesn’t follow the FDA’s schedule.
My Stem Cell Treatment ...
I am sharing my experiences,
all the good and the bad,
with those who want to know more,
and those who are just curious,
even with those who think that only doctors
here in the United States of America
can perform  successful, life changing,
healing treatments.
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