September 29, 2008

The date is set. No turning back now.

My stem cell procedure in Costa Rica is going to be October 27- November 21 at the Institute for Cellular Medicine.

I have done extensive research and questioning and interviewing, and this is the next step in my MS fight.

It's not too good to be true, just medical advancement that doesn't necessarily fit within the parameters of the FDA yet. My MS doesn't really follow the same schedule as the FDA :)

The Institiute for Cellular Medicine ( is actually linked to a US publicly traded company that is doing adult stem cell research and development.

I have been a self-advocate since the overcast afternoon I was diagnosed with MS. I couldn't walk or drive or see out of my right eye shortly after the diagnosis, but with persistence and perseverance I am functioning pretty well again, but my MS is still unfortunately progressing. I'm not going to just sit at my office or at home and let it take it's toll. I'm doing all that I can to fight my MS.

I look forward to sharing my continuing journey ...
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