September 13, 2008

Fast car. Loud music. Dark sky.

The Mustang needed a smog.  I was already in a foul mood, but after the smog shop grease monkey told me that they were closing early and didn't have time for me, I was just irritated to no end.

The fire red muscle car had not been opened up in a while, but I took care of that.  I left the shop and headed back towards Pacific Beach.  Top down, music loud, and the smell of moisture from the dark coastal clouds overhead made the menial errand not so bad, even if I did have to make another trip to complete the task at hand.

I was heading north along the railroad tracks.  There was no traffic, no obstacles, just the wide run of pavement in front of me.  Conditions perfect for a little speed.

As I shift into 4th, "Personal Jesus" by Depeche Mode begins to play on the radio.  It takes only seconds for my mind to regress to memories of 18 years earlier.  MS makes my thoughts fuzzy at times, but not in this instance.  I vividly am remembering driving the white Chrysler convertible at speeds my parents would have just cringed at.  Cheri, my best friend in high school, was copilot.  The top was down and it was a crisp fall afternoon, after some school activity.  I remember Village Dr.  It was a fast road through the desert, our access way to Adelanto past George AFB.  We loved Depeche Mode.  It was great music (and still is).  I remember feeling like life was pretty damn good as we sped out of Victorville towards her home, not a care in the world and everything to look forward to.

I continue swiftly along the railroad tracks and enjoy the drive and the memories of days gone by.  As I approach the slowing mass of cars heading back into the beach area on a Friday afternoon, I turn up Depechee Mode a little louder and double clutch to downshift.  I feel like life is still pretty damn good and there are still lots of things to look forward to.

Have a great weekend!
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