April 12, 2009

A 13 mile bike ride on my new 3 speed beach cruiser!

We had sold my bicycle just the season before.  I had lost the strength to ride even a few blocks and my balance was hit and miss.  I was slowly surrendering to my limitations.

When we returned home from my stem cell treatment, it was soon evident that I was regaining strength, balance, and stamina.  Santa was nice enough to give me another beach cruiser, and this one had a basket and all all the bells and whistles =)

First I rode 4 blocks to the market to buy a weekly lotto ticket.  Then it was on to 8 blocks to the beach.  After that, I rode the entire length of the Mission Bay boardwalk.  Soon I was able to ride with the boys all around Mission Bay - a 13 mile ride from our house and back.  It's not always easy.  The boys are faster sometimes and the last 6 blocks are uphill towards our house, but none the less, I CAN DO IT!  Life is good, the ocean breeze is refreshing on the face, and iLoveMyNewStemCells for sure now.

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