February 28, 2009

I have done more research than most read or understand

Here is some more clarification for all of you who are interested and may still be misinformed.

I had stem cell treatment done outside the United States. Forget about politics and FDA approvals and US trials. Just try to wrap your head around the factual information.

I had 8 intrathecal injections of adult stem cells extracted from donated umbilical cord blood and 2 IV infusions of stem cells extracted from my own fat tissue.

My own stem cells that were extracted from my fat tissue are autologous stem cells, just like bone marrow stem cells are. Autologous stem cells refer to stem cells that are collected from an individual and given back to that same individual.

My stem cells that came from my own fat tissue are mesenchymal stem cells. Stem cells that come from bone marrow are hematopoietic stem cells.

Mesenchymal stem cells have immune regulatory properties. It is thought that through their regulatory effect of the immune system, they may help stop the immune attack on the myelin sheath. Mesenchymal cells also may potentially help remyelination of the affected neurons.

Currently the University of Cambridge is conducting formal clinical studies using mesenchymal stem cells for treatment of MS.

Unlike autologous hematopoietic stem cells, mesenchymal stem cells have an innate immune-modulating effect that suppresses autoimmunity without using a chemotherapy preparative regimen.

Northwestern University and Cambridge University and other U.S. institutes do recognize that a less toxic stem cell therapy is probable and makes “real scientific sense”.

There is scientific data! I did months and months of research, much more than I would ever be able to share here on a blog.

In my humble opinion, the FDA isn’t always the most efficient government agency. Politics DO have an influence. Money DOES have an influence. Their actions (or lack thereof) aren’t always just based on factual scientific information. There are other influences that play a part.

I had non-FDA approved stem cell treatment done outside of the United States because I wasn’t willing to put my health on hold until the FDA decided that the scientific research done on our own soil has the possibility of helping me stay mobile and healthy. It sure was less of a risk that taking Tysabri for 2 years with it’s black label warning, “increases your chance of getting a rare brain infection that usually causes death or severe disability.”  My copay with Blue Cross PPO insurance for Tysabri was $1450 a month.

Do you think Biogen Idec really wants me to benefit from stem cell therapy?
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