I met Debby while we were both in Costa Rica for stem cell treatment
I met Debby while we were both in Costa Rica for stem cell treatment
Learning about stem cell treatment was a journey that took me down several paths.  Along the way I have met some amazing people and made some great new friends.  Check out some of their stories and browse their websites too.
Preston Walker’s Fight With MS
When Preston Walker, a Fort Worth police sergeant, was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2001, he began months of research.  He knew he wanted to undergo stem cell treatment. He made plans, raised money, researched some more, made new plans. His persistence paid off.  He went to Costa Rica to receive five stem cell transplants.  A news story last October helped put Preston in touch with another MS patient, Richard Humphries, a nursing-home administrator who was diagnosed in 2005. Richard accompanied Preston on his trip to Costa Rica.  Together, the two share their experiences through their blog.
Recovering Matthew
Daniel and Ruth Faiella have an autistic son.  His name is Matthew.  He is an awesome little boy.  At one time, Daniel and Ruth were told to accept that their son would be mentally retarded and have to eventually be put into an institution.  They refused to believe this "prediction" and began to search for ways to help their son recover.  Matthew has made remarkable gains through mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy and Adult Stem Cell Treatment.  Matthew is doing great!  Check out their wonderful success story.
Mikey Riley was officially diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2005 at the age of 18.  Early in 2007 he traveled to China to have an umbilical cord stem cell transplant.  Although stem cell treatment is successful for many people, Mikey did not have the same success that others have experienced.  He is currently taking Tysabri and is extremely pleased with how well he is doing.  We should all take note and learn a thing or two from his uplifting attitude and positive outlook on life.
Hope For Lee 
Lee Chuckry has lived with multiple sclerosis since 1996. He was diagnosed with secondary progressive MS and had to stop working and rely on disability insurance for income.  He felt obligated to himself and his young children to do everything possible to prevent any further progression of the disease.  He did his own research and corresponded with other patients who had stem cell treatment in China.  He left Calgary, Canada on October 2, 2008 and headed for Hangzhou, China.  Check out his blog to see what his stem cell treatment in China was like and how he is doing now.
Go Stem Cells Go!
Trish Brown has lived the last decade with constant, crippling pain; overwhelming fatigue; depression; heat intolerance; walking and balance issues - only a few of the many symptoms she faces on a daily basis with Multiple Sclerosis. Strong in faith and hope, Trish has decided that stem cell treatment is in her near future, July 2009. She is willing to share her story and post updates on how far this treatment takes her. Go Stem Cells Go!
Jord’s Adventure
Jordanne Menzies became quadriplegic after a catastrophic injury in a car accident in 2003.  She was just 18 years old and only 4 months out of high school when she fell asleep at the wheel of her car.  Jordanne and her family traveled to Costa Rica for her to receive stem cell treatments at the Institute of Cellular Medicine.  See her progress for yourself and read her amazing story.
Saving for Stem Cells
Robyn Gorrie experienced her first Multiple Sclerosis symptom in February 1997.  Like so many with MS, she wasn't officially diagnosed for a couple of years.  Even though the doctors couldn't confirm a diagnosis right away, she knew she had MS.  Her mother also had MS.  Robyn remembers her mom using a walker and having difficulty moving around.  She never did tell her mom about her diagnosis before her passing last year.  Robyn has given herself injections, changed her diet and been proactive in treating her disease.  Her next step is stem cell treatment in April.  We're wishing her all the best in her stem cell journey.   
Cautiously Optimistic
We met Charlie and his wife Laurie when we were in Costa Rica for my stem cell treatment.  What a fun couple!  Morning coffee and chats about people and places in Southern California made San Jose, Costa Rica seem not to far from the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles, California.  Charlie was at ICM for 2 weeks of stem cell treatment for his Multiple Sclerosis.  Laurie and Charlie filled our mornings with laughter and smiles.  Love the Play-doh and Moco de Gorila.  Guess you had to be there :)