I want to make stem cell treatment more than just a dream ... a true reality.  I connected with another stem cell friend - Shelley Sims - from Texas who wants to give back and spread the word.

Shelley created Team Stem Cell and will be attending the Fort Worth MS Walk in an effort to create more stem cell awareness.  10 past fellow MS stem cell patients, along with more than 25 supporters and friends, will come together Saturday, March 31, 2012 at the Fort Worth MS Walk.  Shelley and I and other past patients have spent countless hours chatting and sharing our experiences and giving hope.  This year we are working together to collect money, not for ourselves, but to share with others who are trying to raise funds for treatment at The Stem Cell Institute in Panama where we experienced positive stem cell therapy.


Shelley has been talking regularly to Gwen.  Gwen has Multiple Sclerosis and is in the process of trying to find a way to get to Panama.  Her son and his family live in Dallas.  Gwen is in Illinois.  Shelley knows this surprise donation will light a fire of hope in Gwen that we all have had and needed prior to our own treatment. Right now, Gwen wants it so badly and we remember being in her exact same place and not have the ability or resources to go right away.  So whether we raise $1 or $1,000 - the gift to Gwen will be the inspiration to keep fighting until she can get to The Stem Cell Institute in Panama - www.CellMedicine.com


Greetings my name is Vincent!

The son of a wonderful lady named Gwen Woodland diagnosed 3 yrs ago with the life changing MS disease of which I'm more than proud to call my Mom. In addition to a excellent mother, Gwen is also a loving wife, daughter, & grandmother to say the least. 

I'd like to take a moment to introduce you to a woman that managed to do something society often says is impossible in single handedly raising a boy into a responsible man & still actively playing a key role after the fact.

I say this not with the intention of tooting my own horn however, I'd like to share some of my life experiences with you in that there have been numerous occasions where I've interacted with people for years throughout corporate america & the time comes to the point where casual conversations regarding our childhood(s) take place. I take pride in being the last to tell my story as the majority of these conversations are about structured families where both the Mom & Dad were present for these individuals however when it gets to me & I respond with, "I was raised by women (meaning my mom), the once upon a time embarssassment has transformed into an enjoyable experience especially when I see the jaw drop afterlearning it's a complimentary expression often times validated by the statement below;

"Sorry Vincent, I would have NEVER known however, I now have a completely different respect for you in addition to what I had before!"

This says something about Mrs Woodlands teachings in having come from all walks of life meaning young, middle/my age & more importantly the older generations.

I know, I hear the thoughts from some of you thinking "she must have been a strong spiritual woman" & undoubtedly she was & still is, which has been the foundation of my existence & the key to my success for the people who know me & have such thoughts.

For those who don't know me, I've been 3 different types of engineers Mechanical, Network & currently a Security engineer.

With that said, I'd like to stress how solid my mom, Gwen Woodland has been for me over the years. 

Though she didn't teach me the responsibilites for the titles mentioned above, the framework she provided has enabled these accomplishments & is a direct reflection & output of her overall views, insight & teachings coupled with her life experiences, the bible, & lessons learned from various influential people such as pastor TD Jakes & Joice Myers.

Understand there has NEVER been a time I've called my mom to discuss an issue where she couldn't deliver an appropriate statement to address, guide or remove the mountain I was facing at that time.

In addition to that, anyone who knows my mom will tell you her character is starting each day out & maintain it with a vibrant, exciting & loving attitude. Though we never had lots of money as a single mom raising two children, she provided an abundance of the essential life ingredient LOVE!

I can honestly say without hesitation I've NEVER called my mom in the morning, afternoon, or night & not heard that special touch I've described in the previous sentences above! Approximately 3 years ago there was a significant twist placed in her life as she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis which initially hospitalized her however in being mom she informed me that she would be ok & not to fly home early as she knew I was extremely busy. A prime example of putting me first & disregarding her own desires.

After mom returned home, she STILL maintained this positive & pleasant attitude all while this horrible disease had essentially taken her mobility to the point where she couldn't walk anymore. Oddly enough I knew nothing about this until we went home for vacation & my wife noticed and educated me on the special circulation socks mom wore & that she hadn't moved from her seat the entire time we were there.

It was estimated that my mom hadn't been able to walk for over a year however as usual kept it confidential to prevent what she thought would worry me. Her mindset is to do everything within her power & have faith (with a good attitude) that God will deliver her from this affliction as happened with my grandmothers cancer diagnosis (her Mom) in 1982 where the doctor projected a maximum 1 to 4 year remaining life expectancy period. Of course mom stood by in prayer & faith in it's entirety the WHOLE time and through grace & mercy grandma is still with us today!

After this was brought to my attention I went back hours later & had a heart to heart conversation with mom to gather the details, etc where she shared "most challenging experience of her life" which brought me to tears but was once again able to "solidly" deliver & apply a spiritual dose of core principles she instilled within me which conceptually involved Strength, Knowledge, Guidance, Wisdom & Peace. How amazing I thought, for a woman (supposedly the emotional ones) to yield such mental strength & stability over this extended period of time!

Unfortunately after 40 yrs (my current age) one morning I experienced what I call "the normal" voice, response, & interaction from others in my mother for the first time which was simply a flat "hello Bird." (yes, for this occasion I'm sharing that nickname lots of us have & prefer to keep secret for valid reasons, trust me I don't resemble a bird (love u mom).

At any rate, I ask what's wrong as CLEARLY something is wrong with absolutely no liveliness present in her voice.

She admittingly said son, as I told you this MS diagnosis is the ONLY thing in my life that's ever even for a second provided any doubt in my mind that I couldn't deal with & overcome, and after you shared the Stem Cell Therapy website, the testimonies from the patients, etc I haven't lost faith in God as far as my deliverance however I'm so ready to go that if he provides a will and a way I'm ready, as this is SO tiring & I want my life back.

Obviously I tried to console her during this timeframe while thinking maybe it's expected to release at this point as this MS diagnosis along with the life hindering restrictions could have caused an average person to have reached this point long ago with a close son. It was evident the vision of possibly being healed by the assistance of the Stem Cell Treatment finally triggered this state of mind within her to a point of breakdown.

In looking at this situation, I knew this was my opportunity to use discernment (another word she stressed the importance of me understanding) & reiterated a portion of a scripture she embedded in my mind over the years which was it's ok to get excited but "be anxious for nothing, as God will work all things out for the good of those who love him."

Needless to say, she wiped her tears, proudly thanked me for what she called the appropriate & timely utilization of one of the many quotes she hoped I retained over the years which most importantly & ultimately removed her anxiety. I also reiterated the reality of how the stem cell treatment benefits everyone differently to keep her in the right perspective moving forward.

In closing, I think anyone who reads this can understand how much of a blessing it would mean for my mom Gwen Woodland to be able to receive Stem Cell Therapy to treat her MS. With that said, I'd also like to say, in the interim, know that I Vincent her only son, will do as she requested in continuing to practice the areas mentioned earlier & most importantly STAND in agreement with mom regarding her condition that God will work things out for the best!

Thanks in advance for any donations to this foundation on her behalf!
Warm Regards & God Bless!

Vincent McKnight  vmck@ymail.com

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